GORUCK Club Waiver

In today’s day and age lawyers are gonna lawyer so we want to provide you with a waiver to protect yourself in case anything goes sideways at any of your rucks.

Ruck Club Leader Waiver Guidelines:

Participation in a Ruck Club sponsored by GORUCK is a voluntary, community-building activityled by great people like you who are passionate about bringing people together in a social atmosphere to ruck, participate in group training, have fun and serve your community. The fact is, anytime people are out doing active sports, there’s always the chance of injury – we’re all human. Participants and members of ruck club activities should know that they are voluntarily participating at their own risk.

For your and GORUCK’s protection, we require that Ruck Clubs obtain waivers of liability from all club participants and guests prior to their participation in your club or any associated activities. 

GORUCK is providing this simple waiver for the convenience of Ruck Clubs which must be signed by all club participants and guests before they can engage in any club activities.