Staying hydrated is extremely importing when rucking. Water is heavy and does add weight to your rucksack. This list of water management gear makes carrying water during your ruck easier.


Nalgene Bottle

Practically indestructible and extremely useful for extra storage or for quick hydration. The wide-mouth Nalgene water bottle should be in your rucksack at all times. You can even pre-mix your electrolytes so they’re ready to gulp down during a break in a rucking challenge.


Storage Lid for Nalgene Bottle

The PACElid is a replacement lid for your 32 oz. wide mouth Nalgene bottle. It provides storage in the lid for small items like a little Swiss Army knife, nail clippers, or other items that you need to keep dry. Sometimes available at Amazon, sometimes not. You can also purchase directly from PACElid.com.


Source Hydration Bladder

Source hydration systems have not only undergone GORUCK Challenges; they have been tried, tested, and recommended by Special Forces soldiers in war. They are tough, easy to clean, and perfectly compatible with most rucksacks. This is our choice for hydration on the move.


Source Hydration Valve Mouthpiece

This replacement part for your hydration bladder comes in handy if you need to swap out only the mouthpiece.


Bladder Hose Retainer

We recommend this simple retainer known as the ITW Web Dominator for securing a loose hydration bladder hose to the shoulder straps of your rucksack, especially during GORUCK Events.


Nite Ize Carabiner – Hydration Bladder Attachment

Easily secure your hydration bladder inside your rucksack. The double-gated design of the carabiner allows for quick attachment of a hydration bladder to the D-ring or loop inside your rucksack.


Hydration Bladder Cleaning Kit

An essential cleaning kit for any water bladder or hydration bladder owner. It’s everything you need to keep your hydration bladder clean. This is a complete kit with a set of special brushes for easy and effective cleaning the interior of the bladder, tubing and a mouthpiece.


Sea to Summit Dry Sack

The Sea to Summit Dry Sack (or “dry bag”) comes in a variety of colors and sizes from 1 liter to 30 liters. The 20 liter bag will hold shoes, food, and a change of clothes for your GORUCK Challenge and keep the contents dry when you’re doing flutter kicks and burpees in the water.


Waterproof Case

This waterproof case is the perfect size for your mobile phone, car keys and wallet. It’ll protect them from water and impact during GORUCK Challenges. If you don’t want to put your phone in your dry bag, store it in here and keep it in the outside pocket on your rucksack.



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