Food & Energy

Like any machine, humans need fuel to power our activities. Keeping your energy levels up during any challenge is important. This list is just a few of our favorites we use to stay fueled.


Extreme Jelly Beans

GORUCK recommends carrying “chewies” or “lickies” during challenges to keep you going. The Jelly Belly Extreme Sport Beans fit in the “chewy” category. Each 1-oz packet contains 50 mg of caffeine, about the same amount in a half a cup of brewed coffee, along with Sport Beans’ clinically proven formula of carbohydrates, vitamins and electrolytes. And the delicious Assorted Flavors will keep you refreshed throughout your challenge.


Electrolyte Tablets

Nuun Sport is an Electrolyte-Rich Sports Drink Tablet, enhanced with electrolytes and bursting with a natural, low-calorie fruity flavor. Mix with water for a hydrating beverage to keep you powering through your rucking challenge.


Protein Bars

Protein bars are a quick and easy way to fuel up. Throw a couple in your rucksack and you’re good to go. Eat them while rucking or during breaks.

There are many brands out there to choose from, but KIND and PURE PROTEIN are our favorites.



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